Baltimore is the biggest city in Md. It's a place where everybody knows everybody. The only place where the weather can be 100 degrees & 100% humidity lol.

Only 3 other places come close: Detroit goes hard, Philly is our brothers and Jersey is just real with it.

“Danger Zones”: East, South, West, North and Central Baltimore. That’s the order of danger based on my life’s experiences.

Home of:
-Johns Hopkins Hospital
-“The Wire”, “The Corner” & “Homicide: Life on the Street”
-Chicken box and Half & Half
-Baltimore Club Music
-BGE (the nations first Gas utility company)
-Baltimore Ravens, Orioles and Blast

Famous Baltimoreans:
-Jada Pinkett-Smith (born and raised)
-Carmello Anthony (raised, not born)
-Dru Hill (born and raised)
-Bucky Lasek (born and raised in Dundalk)
-Charles S. Dutton (born and raised)
-Mo’Nique (born and raised in Woodlawn)
-Montel Williams (born and raised)
-Mario (born and raised)
-Anna Faris (born, not raised)
-John Waters (born, not raised)
-DMX (born, not raised)
-Oprah Winfrey (spent time here in her 20’s)
-Tupac Shakur (spent his teen years here)
-Thurgood Marshall (born and raised)
-Kevin Clash who plays Elmo (born and raised in Turner Station)
-Babe Ruth (born and raised)
-Juan Dixon (born and raised)
-Cal Ripkin Jr., Edgar Allan Poe, Billie Holliday, Ben Carson, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass and Francis Scott Key have all spent time in Baltimore.
Baltimore=resilience. To make it out of Baltimore is something to brag about. Even people from the projects make it everyday from NY and LA because they are already set up from birth to succeed. Baltimoreans have to truly fight to make it and that's what makes us so resilient.
by Boopsta May 17, 2011
Batimore, how do I love thee. Western High School, Odell's and Fantasy's. Living in Irvington, mad because Southwestern was my zone school (remember Oprah was there because it was so bad). Wanting to goto Edmonson , but my mother made me go to Western(best school in the world) made me a true diva. Good chinese food (yaakamee) yat gaw mein, pork yak with ketchup and an egg. Such a diversity of people contained in one small city. Everybody knows everbody. Chicken boxes with a half and half, cheesesteak subs. Taking pride in Jada, hating Roc for making us all seem like we are on drugs and live like crap (most of us live very well) Loving the Wire, Mondawmin, Security,Westview, bus lines 2,20,23,15 and the M1, then we started venturing out to Marley Station and Columbia once we get cars. Best looking brothers in the world. Born and raised in West, never been to fond of the east side, food taste funny. Club music (sean and scotty) new stuff k swift- do ya thang. I could go on forever, this was fun, hope someone can relate. I'm too country to come back now, but visit 2x/month and then slide my tail back down 95.
Baltimore ballers know how to get that paper.
Ain't nothing better than living in Ballermore, Murderland.
by bgoutabmore April 03, 2006
The real America. A place of growing optimism amid unprecedented opportunity. A cultural scene that rivals New York's - from live bands to high art. A sports scene that's the envy of the North-East. Best hospitals in the world. Educational facilities that European cities try to imitate. Steeped in history. Gentle climate, with neither the harsh New York winter nor the stifling DC summer. And, of course, there are the CRABS!!!!! CRAB CAKES!!! CRAB DIP!!! You have not had crab until you've had Baltimore crab. But here's the real secret of Baltimore: you can live here for cheap - and I mean CHEAP. Public transport is excellent and inexpensive. Rents are tiny, considering the rates in DC, or even Laurel. If ever you tire of crab, dine at Gertrude's Restaurant and enjoy WORLD-CLASS cuisine for prices you would expect to pay at a diner anywhere else. And you can BUY BEAUTIFUL HOMES for a fraction of the price you would pay for a modest condo in D.C. or N.Y. I moved to Baltimore from Brooklyn, New York. For the price of an apartment there (a full hour's commute to my job in Manhattan) I could have purchased a mansion in Baltimore. My commute to DC is already easy; the planned improvements to the MARC (commuter) rail service will make it even more convenient. For these reasons this city is beginning to sky-rocket, even at a time when the national economy is tanking. Once the MARC upgrade is complete, and the country's economy has recovered, Baltimore willl be boomtown, USA. Even now, Baltimore rocks!
What recession? Life is better in Baltimore.
by Sandra Strand February 06, 2008
The best way to describe Baltimore would be divided. The rich have the inner harbor and the areas surrounding it, and the poor have everything else. White kids from the wealthy areas love claiming Baltimore as they think it gives them street cred.
The city is full of crime. if you disagree you do not live here.
The state government is run by giving power to people who should not have it (welfare queens and crack heads) and charging the rich white people for the useless social programs and over funded, under performing public schools.
Not a great place to be a police officer, but god bless those crazy fucks for trying to drain the ocean with a teaspoon.
People with money leave as the taxes increase to move to the county. this has been steadily shrinking the tax base.
Baltimore is so dangerous the crack dealers are moving out. popular nicknames include "harm city" "Bulletmore" "Brawltimore" "Bodymore" "Murderland" and "the city that bleeds"
besides the crab cakes, Baltimore can go to hell
by goregeous October 03, 2007
A city that deserves every bad thing said about it but not necessarily because of the crime. It provides all the stress and problems of living in a major city with none of the benefits like good public transportation, good services, late night food, culture, modern infrastructure, and smart people. The reason Baltimore has so many problems is because it is filled with provincial fucks who have never lived anywhere else, especially a real city like Chicago, New York, or Philly. Thus, they think Baltimore is the greatest place on earth because all they can compare it to is the Eastern Shore, the one place they all go every year for a "vacation". It is amazing these small minded people can't even leave their tiny state once a year during the summer.

Along with Faidley's crabcakes, the staggering amount of backwards thinking and ignorance that is evenly distributed among those from all socioeconomic backgrounds makes Baltimore worth a visit. It is a sight to see. Just make sure to watch your back and get out quickly before you get hit on the head, mugged, and wake up five months later not remembering how you even got to Baltimore. FFS do not move anywhere near that shit hole. You will regret it.
Hey a great job just opened up in downtown Baltimore dude. You gonna apply?

No, I'd rather eat out Bea Arthur's dead cunt than move to that awful place.
by McNulty's Whiskey July 16, 2011
The city in Maryland that's bashed repeatedly on this site by those who have never been there. One can easily travel through the East Side of Baltimore with no problem at all: black, white, man, woman. What's more, bands frequently play in the neighborhoods that you fear the most, and they manage to lug their instruments back and forth without any mugging/robbing attempts whatsoever.

We do have the STDs and weed, though.
I walked up and down North Avenue with $20's hanging out of my pockets, and nothing happened to me.
by Fuck a Bitch March 28, 2005
Greatest City In America!!! Population of about 600,000 in city limits.
Sure, some parts are dirty n got their problems and hobos and drugs and violence, but what city doesn't? There are more sexy females within any given 2 block radius than there are in the whole of any other city; plenty of bars, and nearly everything to do in a city filled with life and excitement. The rules are chill, because the police have SERIOUS things to worry about, so nearly anything is acceptable; this city is fun people believe me! The suburbs house the rich kids and are pretty gay, but the city is great! It's building up down here every day.

And yes, there is some crime, but it's concentrated, and usually has reasoning behind it. Don't be stupid and those people will leave you alone; it's actualy easier to get along with down-to-earth Baltimore residents than it is with rich kids in suburban high schools that are assholes, because nobody in Baltimore is snobby! So come on down, why don't you; there's plenty to do and see. Born in Sinai Hospital; Park Heights where u at!!!
I walk down North Avenue in Baltimore City with 50s hangin' out my pocket and my cell phone out, but i show respect n i have no problems wit' anybody.
*Everyday Thing*
-"Walking down North Ave with 50's hanging out pocket"
-"Sup fam""whats good"
-"Pull out cell phone, talks chill"
-"Reaches destination safely"
My Point: All you Bmore Bashers burn in hell
by Proud Baltimorean January 19, 2008

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