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pronounced "bawlamer" by the hardcore locals, Baltimore is virtually #1 in many National categories --- crime rate, murder rate, heroin addiction and teen-age pregnancy. With a population over 600,000 ( and shrinking ), B-More is one of the largest and most famous cities in the US.

Like many large East Coast cities, Baltimore has its slums, its exclusive million dollar neighborhoods, ethcnic groups living within defined but invisble lines, and Democratic Politicians who make sure things stay just the way are now -- bad, and getting worse.
by jnjnjn September 08, 2009
25 22
The best of the worst of American cities.

Highest incidents of violent crimes.
Highest rates of stds.
Heroin capital of the US.
Mayor tries to campaign on getting the murder rate under 300.
The third worst dressed city.
The fourth worst city for urban youth behind Detroit and Atlanta.
Ranks 192 out of 193 for best drivers.
Some of the worst schools in the state.

Locals will try to convince you that the whole two blocks of the Inner Harbor, which was a last ditch attempt to save the city, is a redeeming quality.

It is funny to watch Raven's fans try to talk smack about established franchises like the Steelers and Redskins, though no one went to a game till the Raven's went to the Superbowl.
What is even funnier is that Poe might have been a Giant's fan, considering he spent more time in New York.

The second arguement is that every city has crime. Every city has a deli too, doesn't mean you want to eat there.

Baltimore has JHU, the most prestigious medical school in the world, and the med students and interns get mugged on their way to class. The city should consider itself damn lucky the school hasn't moved.

What is going for Baltimore?

Good Food
Camden Yards
You know your in Baltimore when you knock on someone's door and they yell at you to come back with a warrant before slamming it in your face.
by watergirl2012 July 09, 2012
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the best city in all of maryland. we have some scary parts but everyone here has some type of family. you may bash on bmore but no other city comes close. everyone i know has either lived or been to the harbor, camden yards, or m&t bank stadium. this city is universal. and its a big tourist attraction.you go to the harbor. and go to phillips. or the aquarium.. this is the best place on earth
baltimore is better than any city ever
by hockeygirlbmore April 28, 2009
20 21
The city where the best weed and hoes are, we call it B'More down in MD.
The place where Tim Trees lives, the greatest rapper to walk this Earth.
Im headin down to Baltimore, get some Led Tims down there.
by Gust April 14, 2004
57 59
The home of the wire, we live eat and breath this shit. We live life gully gully and rep our hoods proper. Whether it's West Baltimore from Edmondson Village to Edmondson Ave to Whitelock. Park Heights, whitelock or Westside or up the hill 2100 or ova east North ave up the hill or down the hill from harford rd to eager street (when it was there) were hood even our counties rep randallastown woodlawn etc... we get it in and smack bitches for living!! get with it or get lost Baltimore... Murderland!!
One of the 1st cities baltimore to represent the south. a mix between northern and the southern states. We have our own swagga 410 where ya from!!!!
by Kiya B September 22, 2007
29 32
I LOVE BALTIMORE! everything about it is wonderful- first off all of the private schools, no one else understands them. everyone wearing lilly, polo, and lacoste and drivng their suv's around is the best. what else can be better in the summer than a crab feast. oh and of course the parties off falls road, which of course always gets busted. BMORE IS THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD.
st. pauls, maryvale, boys latin, and ndp- the best private schools out there.
by spchica May 07, 2005
101 107
As we have all learned from the wire it is a fucked up city with lots of poor people. Baltimore or Charm City as it is called is not very charming, seeing as how much crime there is. Yes there are the good parts but everyone seems to want to hide the bad parts from the rest of the world. So I'm just gonna say that yes Baltimore has lots of good parts but the few bad parts are really bad.
At School in Baltimore:
Bill: Hey Tom where's where's Jimmy today
Tom: Oh you didn't hear he got shot yesterday
Bob: That gives him five, he should get a purple heart
by b-more person March 07, 2011
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