Home of Edgar Allen Poe, Babe Ruth, the shot tower, Lexington market, Dru hill, and Druid hill park. when people envision Baltimore they see the Wire.They are partly right.

The city has it's share of "corner boys" but what place doesn't? There's lots to love about baltimore and that's putting crab cakes at the bottom of the list .You have the hard hitting ravens whose defense is capable of stopping some of the league's greatest offenses. Did you know tupac lived in baltimore for sometime? yup, he went to the Baltimore school for the arts. Along with Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Then there Marble hill along Druid Hill Avenue, all of the stairs of the row homes are marble.

Baltimore is a great place to live and visit just go and see
baltimore home of the wire?
by treydizzle April 01, 2011
most awsome city ever!!!!
baltimore kicks ass!!!
by haywood jablowme March 19, 2005
the best city in all of maryland. we have some scary parts but everyone here has some type of family. you may bash on bmore but no other city comes close. everyone i know has either lived or been to the harbor, camden yards, or m&t bank stadium. this city is universal. and its a big tourist attraction.you go to the harbor. and go to phillips. or the aquarium.. this is the best place on earth
baltimore is better than any city ever
by hockeygirlbmore April 28, 2009
The home of the wire, we live eat and breath this shit. We live life gully gully and rep our hoods proper. Whether it's West Baltimore from Edmondson Village to Edmondson Ave to Whitelock. Park Heights, whitelock or Westside or up the hill 2100 or ova east North ave up the hill or down the hill from harford rd to eager street (when it was there) were hood even our counties rep randallastown woodlawn etc... we get it in and smack bitches for living!! get with it or get lost Baltimore... Murderland!!
One of the 1st cities baltimore to represent the south. a mix between northern and the southern states. We have our own swagga 410 where ya from!!!!
by Kiya B September 22, 2007
The city where the best weed and hoes are, we call it B'More down in MD.
The place where Tim Trees lives, the greatest rapper to walk this Earth.
Im headin down to Baltimore, get some Led Tims down there.
by Gust April 14, 2004
I LOVE BALTIMORE! everything about it is wonderful- first off all of the private schools, no one else understands them. everyone wearing lilly, polo, and lacoste and drivng their suv's around is the best. what else can be better in the summer than a crab feast. oh and of course the parties off falls road, which of course always gets busted. BMORE IS THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD.
st. pauls, maryvale, boys latin, and ndp- the best private schools out there.
by spchica May 07, 2005
As we have all learned from the wire it is a fucked up city with lots of poor people. Baltimore or Charm City as it is called is not very charming, seeing as how much crime there is. Yes there are the good parts but everyone seems to want to hide the bad parts from the rest of the world. So I'm just gonna say that yes Baltimore has lots of good parts but the few bad parts are really bad.
At School in Baltimore:
Bill: Hey Tom where's where's Jimmy today
Tom: Oh you didn't hear he got shot yesterday
Bob: That gives him five, he should get a purple heart
by b-more person March 07, 2011

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