An amazing TV show on ESPN classic in which Jason and Randy Sklar make fun of sports shows that have run on ESPN.
Cheap Seats airs on ESPN Classic at 11:30pm and 2:30am
by Salvo85 August 13, 2006
Cheap Seats are seats in which your parents,grandparents,uncle, and so on buy when they cant afford the good seats. They are usually high up and might be reffered to as the "nosebleed section"
When my dad took me to my first Yankee game he bought us seats that were very high up. They were very cheap so I guess they were what you could call "cheap seats"
by dan lourie June 26, 2006
(From the expression "view from the cheap seats") A metaphor for a person's point of view when they are not directly involved in a situation, but wish to politely comment on it anyway.
"Excuse me guys, this is just my opinion and the view from the cheap seats, but may I suggest you do this a different way?"
by Harvey Manfrenjensenton January 04, 2008
Person with no skin in the game. Someone who only watches, gives opinions, and doesn't really get involved. Useless opinion giver.
Thanks for your thoughts, cheap seats. You'll let us know when it's your tax dollars paying for this crap.
by Jane the Ripper February 13, 2011

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