The Realest city on the planet. If you can survive there, you can survive anywhere. East Baltimore soldier, East Patterson and Monument, Fenwick and Robespierre. Holla At your Gangsta!!
" the corner of east patterson and federal is known as cut throat lane, i lived there and survived to tell the story"
by jt January 22, 2005
B'More or baltimore

Where the three best shows on television are based

Homicide life on the streets
The corner
The wire
Baltimore. Watch The wire and see what i mean about
#b'more #the wire #the corner #life on the streets #homicide
by sexysecretary November 01, 2005
Charm City. It's called Charm City. The benches in Baltimore also say, "Baltimore - The City That Reads" because you're supposed to read when you sit down on a bench.
"welcome to charm city!"
by z March 15, 2005
I saw a few articles on here blaming white people for what happened to baltimore. Notably #42, "Tom's".

Well, here's an angry black man's opinion of the matter:

Yes, Baltimore sucks. Baltimore sucks BADLY. Why?

Here's why...

What was a thriving blue-collar city lined with beautiful independent ethnic family shops, marble steps, a strong sense of community and common good, was sacrificed by the democrats to create a welfare city and thus a base of power in the "south". In order to drive out industry and blockbust neighborhoods they raised taxes disproportionately, none of which were used to stimulate art or cultural activities. They overtaxed industry and forced them out, thus destroying the work force and forcing white blue collar workers to find work elsewhere (later they would slap them in the face further by saying that they "ran" from blacks because of "White Flight"). From there, the police force was corrupted from the bottom up, intentionally, by organized crime syndicates and cartels which have now made baltimore the heroin capital of the united states. Because of this, and the very NON-socialist (you have to work to make a socialist welfare state function properly) democratic scheme to create a drug-hole, street crime rose to massive proportions. This forced the rest of the ethnic european (white), jewish, mediterranean, etc communities to pack up and leave. During the race riots, the italians protected little italy by standing out in the streets with weapons. the rioters didn't dare cross the line. The germans, poles, and greeks did the same to protect highlandtown and greek town. Even with these efforts to stand their ground and protect the sanctity of all that they had worked to build, these groups were forced out by the unchecked and unpunished street and hate-crimes inflicted by the selfish, hateful, racist black "community" that we have here in baltimore. They blame white people for everything, when its only the whites and hispanics that seem to work here. you know you're in a bad situation when illegal immigrants do more to empower your city and bring to it civilization than your majority fucking people.

baltimore was systematically destroyed. a welfare trap was created to CREATE poverty and maintain it. blacks were used as pawns and still are. Not by white people. Not by a white system. Only because they choose to be. In order to save baltimore, the black community needs to be "less black and more community" and get over their OWN racial barriers to revive a city the problematic sector of their population more than jovially helped to destroy.
Baltimore: Money for nothing and your kicks for fr... AIDS.
#sucks #bad #sucksbad #baltimore #micaisajoke
by Idiotmoron2 November 23, 2008
The hottest city in America!!! I LOVE bmore! Baltimore has the BEST clubs!
I'm going to hammerjacks tonite and club choices tomorrow for LADIES NITE!!
by gunit4me May 27, 2005
Its where you can take the lightrail, MTA or subway to get wherever you want to go Its where Stop snitching originated Its a DVD not just something you see on a shirt. Where ppl can go to Security Square, Owings Mill, Towson, Arundel Mills and Mondawmin (if you brave) Malls for they whole freakin wardrobe and see a thousand of their pplz in the process! We the home of da Ravens never a Redskins fan its a battle of the beltway We are apart of the Maryland School system but more corrupt than any other When we in Hammerjacks, The Dox, Redwood Trust, 5 mile House, Choices or just crusin through the harbor we throw up them signs and rep where we from (Park Heights, Hey Avenue, Edmondson Avenue, Edmondson Village, Baltimore & Catherine, Down da hill, Harford Road, Greenmount,Liberty Heights, Woodlawn, Baltimore & Hilton, Westside, Eastside, and South Baltimore) We dont get out of school unless it is a serious matter (i.e Snow up t your knees or school shootings) We rep "THA CITY" in white tees, Button ups, Capris, Nike Boots, Rockports and custom shirts with our names, our hoods, gang related, or our lost loved ones. We have a language of our own we say "Bmore Baldamore, What you know about down the hill muva tew dew dug " No matter what time of the year it is you can catch us rockin feather raps, long braids, corn rows, rods, twist, dreads and Mohawks(ladies) and fellas rockin braids, twists, dreads, low cuts and deep waves, fros, bald heads with or without the sideburns, and clean ass fitted hats. We know that a CHICKEN BOX (5 wings, fries with salt, pepper, Ketchup, hot sauce all over and a half and half or a cheese steak sub with everything little hots extra mayonaise and cheese w/ 20 oz. drink is all it takes to fill us up But most of all we love that city Baltimore. So if you from the CITY and you love it no matter what others think put dis on yo wall and every wall you see.! And for those of yall who dont understand try to BMORE like us!!!!!!!!!!!!
baltimore aka murdaland aka charmcity
#b-more #baldimore #maryland #murderland #bossman #bullet proof b
by Jamal9900 July 10, 2007
the best city on the earth; dont you hate cause we is better then you
i cant wait to get me back to baltimore and be with all my people
by ghettoamber September 14, 2004
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