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Appealing; cool; favorable; pimp; tight; anything that is good.
That is so damn baller!
by Keezy May 06, 2003
Baller: n. (sometimes pronounced as balla) balling:v. (sometimes pronounced as ballin'): One who retains a questionable amount of wealth and is thoroughly comfortable flaunting it. The form of wealth commonly recognized is cash, although it can be lucratively displayed in other forms such as brand name cars, pricey watches, and women with greater scale of beauty than the "baller" him/herself. A baller may or may not produce wealth illegally. It is common that a more serious and dominative attitude is evident amongst this person. Usually this type of persona is taken on to compensate for a lack of confidence or a void that is unknown and developed during childhood.
Oh man he's so ballin'! Can I get that baller's number?
by Make_it_rain March 30, 2011
the act of being fly
my nikes are pretty baller.

that new hat is baller.
by chicaaa:] June 28, 2009
this is old 70 s and early 80 s slang for dealers who sold eight balls of cocaine.. it went on in the late eighties to mean anybody who is rolling in money and dealing in drugs... in the early 90s it was attributed to rap stars and anybody who was just rolling in the dough... It is currently (after late 90s) attributed to ball players rolling in the dough.
yo brother I need to re-up, you know anyone thats ballin. We looking for some large amounts so we need a baller.
by madgenius818 August 15, 2014
A person that makes shit happen. Without additional context, "baller" typically is assumed to imply demonstrated ability in generating prodigious amounts of cash money, and/or a proficiency with creating frequent and mind-blowing sexual opportunities (note the non-gender specific reference, implying that ballers can be men or women, gay or straight -- it is a matter of perspective).

In modern usage, baller does not refer to sports ability -- although the term is likely to have originated with basketball. Still, the reference to "game" is important to the definition of a baller. A baller must have game. A mad baller must have mad game. (Here, game is referenced according to the current definition (which pretty can mean pretty much anything, but generally refers to business, social relationships, or desired activities in general).

See also: Mad Baller; Game; Pimp; Rock Star

Cat 1: "That cat is a baller. He just (sold $1m of stock | bought a Ferrari | scored backstage access | flew first class | got on a bus full of supermodels | etc.)

Cat 2: "Yeah -- he's got game. Mad game."

Cat 1: "Agreed. He is a mad baller"

Cat 2: "Word."
by cginger September 26, 2013
Risk Taking Entrepreneur, with a gay but keen sense of humor, the baller ignores peasants and makes his way in life without regard for conventional fears and restrictions.
Fucking Grunin- Taking on the BitCoin and Coinbase... what a BALLER, dude!
by GalaconBitches December 19, 2013
(adjective) used to describe something awesome, cool, great, amazing. ect.
Boy1: Yo dude, look at this new (object) I got!
Boy2: Woah dude, that's totally baller!
by ARKTURAS February 19, 2014
A person who is flying high, no lie
One straight G from the Univ of Missouri
He's a Phi Delt who wears a stunna belt
Tom's on his feet, he's bringin' the heat
He's no captain save a ho, and def not a bro
He's a biochem freak with moves that are sleek
Yeah, Yeah, he's a BALLER
by Tfrom the hood December 03, 2009