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Talkin' Sh*t. Tryin' to get loud on somebody.
Joe called me yesterday with some Rah Rah sh*t and got cussed out and hung up on.
by DRM December 22, 2003
Breakfast. (Pl.) Brefases
This morning I had a good brefast.

This year we took our team out to several brefases.
by DRM December 23, 2003
Plural of tests.
I have to study tonight, I have two tesses to take at school tomorrow.
by DRM December 22, 2003
(N) One who exhibits a proficency at the game of basketball. One whom has established themselves within a certain social circle or area. Someone who has a large amount of money and a way with the opposite sex. An individual with status derived from posession of "game",
"Ladies leave your man at home, the club is full of ballers with thier pockets full grown."
Destiny's Child

"What you wanna do? Wanna be ballers, shot callers, brawlers"
P Ditty
by DRM June 04, 2003
A reference to extremely hot temperatures. Also, first cousin of Jack Frost.
"Dang!, It's John Blaze outside today!"
by DRM July 18, 2006
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