Often used in sports; makin the other team look bad by kickin their asses in a game.
Those bitches was WHACK
Yeah...we baked em
#defeat #cream #vanquish #overpower #destroy
by Nostone October 27, 2005
another word for cakes, which means a large ass, bloods say "bakes" because they change every word into a "b"
"baby over dere got bakes'
#cakes #butt #ass #fatty #cheeks
by CeCe U Beezy October 06, 2006
When a person try to come at you or play you.
" shit, this nigga tryin to bake my ass like a damn cake now that he got no one else bully"
by Corinne Scott March 05, 2005
1. To smoke weed
2. Slang for mouth, derived from the word 'beak'
1. Yo mike, wanna come bake at my house?
2. Your lookin a smack in the bake.
#bake #mouth #beak #weed #smoke
by GarrettTheThief March 07, 2008
to joke someone
He think he got jokes, I'm bout to bake em.
by Baker November 05, 2003
Background: english townies or pikies.
Defintion: to say something is extremely unfair or hard to do,or task you basiccally are not going to enjoy.
Teacher: right,you have a fifteen minute detention mister!
Random Townie/Pikie:O no! dat is bake!
by Lucy January 02, 2005
1. To manufacture drugs or to 'bake' any drug in preparation for use.
Smoke weed through a bong.
1. "The police found the cause of the fire to be amphetamines he was baking in his homemade speed lab."
"Yo' know, 'wake and bake'."
by Diego August 29, 2003
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