The act of encasing yourself in a sleeping bag for the evening.
Alex: We're all gonna be on the same futon?
Todd: Yeah, but we're gonna be baggin' it.
John: Together??!
Todd: No, dude, same futon, separate bags.
by jpreston4 January 11, 2010
the act of being a Douche Bag
Kyle: Check out these new shoes i got today!

Chet: those shoes are gay.

Kyle: aww man, BAGGIN' IT!
by 510pimp August 17, 2010
phrase used to describe one who is acting like a douchebag.
"Look, he's over there baggin' it again, I really hate that guy."
by imsocorn November 27, 2009
The act of a man attempting to cover an erection possibly visible through his pants by the strategic positioning or repositioning of a carried bag, usually of the over-the-shoulder variety. Said erection's onset is usually sudden, and occasionally reminiscent of the 8th grade.
"Can you believe that Aaron thinks we didn't see him totally baggin' it while we were talking with those girls?"
by Chocky December 12, 2006
the act of not doing something that you had originally planned, therefore screwing your friends
nick: "hey buddy, your still comin over for the race right? me and matt are pumped!!"

mike: " nah guy. im baggin it. gotta work"
by john doe545 April 04, 2011
an action that is otherwise douche bag like; derived from the language Jag
"Travis had been baggin it all night."
by Jake February 12, 2005
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