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A trademarked product of Heinz. They are small pizza snacks using a mini bagel as the crust.
A small (2" diameter) mini bagel is sliced in half with tomato sauce, mozzarella and sometimes pepperoni or sausage placed on the cut side. This is baked, toasted or microwaved until the cheese is melted. They can be found in a grocery store freezer section, or made from scratch with the component ingredients.
James prepared some Bagel Bites for his friends as they watched the Super Bowl.
by Navarro May 13, 2004
Chick that you would only nibble on if you were desperate, opposite of a muffin snack.
I don't want to hook up with that chick, she is a total bagel bite.
by BoJenkins Maximus III November 04, 2009
Another term for girls. (instead of saying bitties)
1. Nick and rob were talking about bitties, when Nicks mom walked in and said "Did you just say bitties?" Rob replied "No, i was talking about bagel bites."

2. "Yo, I hit up a club last night...there was mad bagel bites."
by Big Rob Stan-Ice March 03, 2007
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