To be hit with wiffle bats
Scientists were baffled over the outcome of recent cancer research.
by Bigginsworth June 10, 2012
Top Definition
When someone has confused you. Combination of the two words (con)fused and (baffled).
Man, you just conbaffled me.
by Codecold December 18, 2007
To be anally raped by a guy with a mustache.
It's understandable why he's not a fan of Magnum P.I., he was baffled as part of a frat stunt.
by baffled_youth February 24, 2011
being high off of marijuana.
We took one hit of that chronc, and the boys were baffled!
by ray limon November 07, 2007
not of fair complection
"I dont like yours much ,she's well baffled"
can also be shortened to "baff"
by steve d June 16, 2006

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