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Totally amazing song by the Deftones which you listen to if some chav is pissing you off or you wanna drown out whiney emo kids
'Hey, engine number 9 is quality, and some kid listening to taking back sunday just walked by, turn up the Deftones'
by robj22 June 20, 2005
Slang word created by a late night/early morning taxi driver in reference to the female genetalia. Later used as a chant during Leeds Festival 2005 whenever an attractive female were to walk past the obscure campsite. Also used as a method of finding ones way through the sea of tents to locate the campsite at 2 in the morning.
(rather attractive woman walks past) "badger!"
(when lost and trying to locate friends back at campsite) "Badger?"
by Robj22 September 10, 2005

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