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The male equivalent of a cougar, i. e. an older man, past his prime cruising around to bars looking for young girls to sleep with. Inspired by the badgers reputation as being, short, squat, somewhat ugly, but with a tenacious grip. Also it's part of the weasel family.
Oh my god that Badger wouldn't leave you alone! He should iron his shirt and start dating someone over 40.
#cougar #creep #douche #pick-up #bar
by spjork August 30, 2007
The unsavory practice of surprising a sleeping partner by running the full length of a sweaty grundle across their nose/face.
After a five hour bike ride, Neil couldn't wait to get home, get out of his spandex, and keelhaul his girlfriend.
by Spjork June 02, 2005
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