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3 definitions by billinom8s

the blank expression that comes across a persons face when day dreaming.
dude, check out dave day dreaming, he looks miles away

yeah mate i know, he has his screen saver on
by billinom8s November 13, 2009
5503 1691
a person with no friends or social calender
that arron is a right old billinom8s, he hasn't had a girlfriend in years.

come on, don't stay in by yourself tonight, don't be such a billinom8s.
by billinom8s October 28, 2009
7 2
an annoying creature that destroys your prized lawn.
malc - i don't know what to do, my lawn is being ravaged by badgers

kim - try pissing on it, i read on the internet that they don't come near the smell of old piss.
by billinom8s November 02, 2009
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