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Often used in New Jersey, Philly, and NY the word "bad" refers to an individual being cute, pretty, or attractive all together. In rapping, it is mostly followed by the word bitch, making one a bad bitch. A pretty female who is a 10. The word "bad" can be used for both genders despite being used on females more.
"Now THAT'S a bad bitch!"
by ItsBarbieee March 09, 2012
The worst thing that can possibly happen.
"Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light. That's bad."
by Ghostbuster Dude July 24, 2007
A male or female that has particularly good looks.
Brad - "Yo, that's one bad bitch."

Cindy - "He's fuckin' BAD!"
by cboob April 09, 2011
When someone says something stupid and in response you say, "its bad by you"
Gibson - "whats ur favourite type of animal, a cheetah?

- "its bad by gibson"
by Mike Tee March 28, 2007
TO get BAD meaning to get drunk, messy, wasted, mingin.
BP---Hay mate, you going to get BAD tonight ?
Jack---Hell yeah dog, silly BAD !

Benji---Just broke up with Kelly mate, need to get soooo BAD!

Brett---Hay BP, did you see that crack whore last night she was silly BAD !
by Jam-in November 13, 2005
Having the qualities of badness
He is such a bad
by bob January 01, 2004
WHEN YOUR FUCKING a guy or girl so hard it breaks something inside of them and blood starts gushing out so you stick your fist up there and then they shit themselves and you try to grab onto something inside them to stop the shitting and the bleeding and you end up grabbing something that pops and a mucus spurts out his or hers nose. She/he chokes to death on his/hers popped organ and you run as hard as you fucking can into the night covered in shit, piss, blood, and white stuff.
I fucked Stacy last night.

Oh yah, how did that go?

It was Bad.

Oh shit.

by theoriginals June 28, 2011