BAD= Bomb Ass Dick, duh.

A male figure who possesses a large penis with satisfying skills.
oOOoh girl, he had the BAD. this shit was danger danger!!!
by darlina February 05, 2009
WHEN YOUR FUCKING a guy or girl so hard it breaks something inside of them and blood starts gushing out so you stick your fist up there and then they shit themselves and you try to grab onto something inside them to stop the shitting and the bleeding and you end up grabbing something that pops and a mucus spurts out his or hers nose. She/he chokes to death on his/hers popped organ and you run as hard as you fucking can into the night covered in shit, piss, blood, and white stuff.
I fucked Stacy last night.

Oh yah, how did that go?

It was Bad.

Oh shit.

by theoriginals June 28, 2011
(Bomb Ass Dome) To have penis head sucking and blowing abilities that surpass normal women and can be categorized as a porn star or a whore.
I got some bad from Courtney last night.
by Uncle L Dirty August 18, 2009
One who does not cook proper dinner, and may resort to crackers and sliced apples for said meal
Dammit, Lorna's so BAD! But good too.
by Kiranamos November 22, 2003
A girl that has a great and sexy body. Sometimes not pretty in the face but if she wore a mask you would definitley smash that.
You see that girl in the lunch line just now?

A son she bad!!!
by nonna yo buizzzznazzz May 02, 2009
n. abbrev. Big Ass Dick
That dude totally grabbed my BAD, bro... and it kinda felt good... does that make me gay? huh huh huh!
by Hippie Kilr June 22, 2007
A street name for the illegal drug, Cocaine.
Do you know where I can get some Bad?
by The Iowan March 18, 2007
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