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A shit stain on the underwear usually caused by digging fingers into the ass to scratch out an uncontrolable salty peanut (See salty peanut). Also known as a skid mark.
As she folded the laundry she noticed a large baconstrip in her boyfriend's underwear.


He decided to not buy white underwear anymore, because of his baconstrip making problem.
by Sean Cookson September 06, 2006
Brown marks that are left on the inside of one's underware as a result of improper butt wiping.
Did you see the bacon strips that guy had in his underware?
by J. J. Friedman June 27, 2005
A smoked pork smallgood that has the capacity to scare muslims, destroy the world and give everyone heart disease.
Pioneered by a YouTube channel under the alias of EpicMealTime as a recurring motif.
by Chewyyyyyyyyyyy June 29, 2011
Condition identifiable by stretched, grizzled, dangling, and sometimes elongated flaps of skin that used to be the labia minor on an overworked porn star's (or college co-ed's) vagina.

Not to be misdiagnosed as vaganus.
Did you see the latest Jenna Jamison flick?
No, my doctor said I need to cut back on my daily consumption of bacon strips.
by Tenacious Faulker July 10, 2007
The outer folds of skin covering a woman's vaginal lips.
"I scrambled my eggs all over her bacon strips", or "She's fairly experienced, those bacons strips are hanging pretty low"
by bam! October 24, 2003
The remnants of an improper arse wiping, as left on your underware.
While sorting the laundry, Rebecca noticed that Charles had bacon strips in all his knickers.

After the lap dance, Peter saw to his dismay that the stipper had left a bacon strip on his white trousers.
by Chris March 04, 2004

1 - a long narrow region of hair seated above the mons pubis, usually shaped with waxing, shaving, or tweezing

Synonyms : bikini wax, weasel frosting

(Etymology : bacon : Middle English, from Middle French, of Germanic origin; strip : Middle English, perhaps from Middle Low German strippe strap)
"Jerri, your bacon strip is sizzling!"
by Emme December 06, 2003