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A great big burrito, usually smothered in red or green sauce and melted cheese.
Jerry got into town from Montana and the first thing he did was go to Los Sanchez for a big fatty, because the Mexican food stinks in Billings.
by jobiemom2 April 15, 2008
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a big fatass that cannot get off his/her fucking use the shitter..Often wines about doing housework, going outside, and doing work out activites.. they think Halo or The Sims 2 is a fucking job because they move their fingers.
Likes to eat everything in site, doesnt give a shit if they break down your car, couch, etc etc etc. Theres probably some ancient shit ingrown in their titty flap, or fatass crack.
*Kate: Hey John, Can you please get up so i can find the remote?

*John: No i'd rather sit on my fatass.

2 hours later...big fatty leaves

*Kate: I really need the remote!!

Kate finds remote, in a pile of shit, in the fucking toliet.
by darrianhayleyr April 04, 2009
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