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15 definitions by bennett

meaning christian
the x comes from latin and is the latin letter for christ, i.e. x-tian means christ-tian or christian
also xmas meaning christ-mas
by bennett April 30, 2004
217 106
having a shit
by Bennett January 16, 2003
32 12
extasy tablets
by bennett January 16, 2003
39 26
(v.) To lay pipe in extraordinary fashion.
To bang a slute like you mean it.
Jon called up a girl he hasn't seen in 2 months, and hulkfucked her, twice.
by Bennett October 24, 2004
15 8
(adj) 1. A feeling of nausea prior to taking off on a plane.

2. Throwing up after drinking a bottle of Night Train.

3. Describing any ailment
"That whore from St. Charles made me airsick."
by Bennett October 24, 2004
7 1
(v. tr. glegs, glegged, glegging)
To review the attributes of (esp. young) ladies
Let's go out and gleg birds
by Bennett July 02, 2003
9 3
A bi-atch that follows Snoop around trying to get sex or pot.
Damn, I don't think I've ever seen that many snoopy groupies in one place!
by Bennett July 18, 2004
7 2