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something that is bad, or in other terms... vagina fart like.
My car broke down today because it was a queefy peice of shit.
by whatarandomego June 20, 2006
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An adjective denoting anything overly soft and/or sentimental in a bad (often boring) way. A reference to vaginal flatulence (a "queef").
1. "My girlfriend made me watch Eat Pray Love, it was so queefy I fell asleep in the theater."

2. "I don't like the singer from that one indie/acoustic band you showed me, his voice always drops to a queefy whisper and the music is too slow."
by McQueefy December 30, 2011
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Derived from queef, queefy is used to describe people, actions, or places that are of questionable merit. The meaning of the word is very sensitive to its context, but it usually connotes something unappealing or trifling, but fundamentally harmless.

Similar to sketchy, but without the drug connotations.
That girl Jessi sure is queefy. She spent all morning just queefing around the house, and now she's being totally queefy about whether she has time to go out tonight or whether she needs to do work instead.
by Tom, NYC November 16, 2005
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