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To revert to sin or wrongdoing, especially in religious practice
Someone who gets safed only to revert to their old sinful ways is referred to as a backslider
by Greg54B June 19, 2007
A backslider is someone who has no honor, someone who is full of deception. A liar and thief who always taketh and never giveth.
Bare your windows and lock your doors, beware the backslider roams the moors.
by The San Diego Kid April 18, 2005
a term coined in the tv show New Girl which means a person who is in a state of sadness or depression and due to this, goes back to their ex.
Ashley: OMG, did she just get back with her douchebag ex-boyfriend?
Rachel: Yeah but only 'cause she's been super depressed lately.
Ashley: So she backslid to her ex?! What a backslider!
by tedz May 01, 2012
A White Castle hamberger, a slider that is eventually regurgitated. (White Castle is a hamburger resteraunt in the United States).
Those sliders I had after I left the bar became backsliders.
by Squid Viscious July 18, 2005

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