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Superhero with mysteriously endowed with the powers of a box, after an unlikely accident on the Gatwick Airport baggage terminal conveyer belts.
Is it a tub?... is it a container?... no, its Boxman!!
by robcraine April 09, 2004
8 2
Lego man, also known as forcey
b0xman is made out of legos... and hes trying to kill me!
by MonJoe May 16, 2003
3 0
stupid, worthless being obsessed with legos :p
Hey, theres a b0xman on my shoe! ewww...
by Cheeseburrito of gat May 15, 2003
1 0
God, Buddha, Muhammed, and all other supreme beings, rolled into one.
b0xman owns you.
by Everyone May 14, 2003
4 3
A man who is incapable of having the act of reproduction.
by RPC May 15, 2003
0 0
Someone in the act of being pwned or someone that has just been pwned
boxman was just pwned
by RPC May 15, 2003
0 0
fag, queer, and all homosexuals rolled into one
b0xman loves the c0x
by eat my corn turds May 15, 2003
0 0