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It means , What do you , What are you ,

What did you ,have you ....etc
You can use any other subject not only ya such as( I , she or he)
Mom: Whataya doing son?
Son: Im sharing my twentieth word ( Urban dictionary)
Mom : Really , ya sure it gon be published.
Son: Whataya think mom ???
Mom: I think so . Its gonna be published
Son: l hope so . I'm so optimistic cuz I put that speech In this dialogue
Mom : Goddamned , Whataya say ?? You crazy.
Son : be hopefull mom......;))
by kage maro 2008 April 15, 2014
It means What (are you, do you , have you..etc)
You can also use any other subjects not only ya such as (he,she,I)
Whataya doing?
Doing mah daily pushups workout
by Kage Maro 2008 March 09, 2015
It means what (do you,are you,have or did you....etc)
You can use any other subjects such as:
(I,she or he...etc)
Whataya want?

Nothing, just gimme a hand to fix that car engine
by Kage Maro 2008 March 09, 2015
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