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The irc hangout place for weirdos like you and me. Fansubbing is what we do for the lulz.
Ayako IRC
<momotan> muffin is the only girl i'd kiss
<momotan> that's all =O
by Aoshimaro January 18, 2008
63 18
If anonymous are hackers on steroids, then Ayako is fansubbers on LSD.
* Mantarni has joined #ayako
* Topic for #ayako is: Ayako " Sure is Ayako " edition | Homepage(...)
<Mantarni> what is the stupidest ayako topic edition you've ever seen? quick, I need it for something
<Nollog> current.
<Mantarni> ...
<Mantarni> the stupidest/funniest edition then
<Nollog> current.
by Mantarni October 11, 2008
10 3
a place where rodents party to the sunrise, a vagina that is filled with hot cheese
dude what the fuck is up with your ayako?, i was walking through the forest and ran into an ayako...it was some sweet shit
by bobsagget123 December 26, 2009
5 10
One who is very very very short and hyper
Damn ayako
by wako January 22, 2003
32 60
A Cyn-in-training. Also ebil and likes quarters. A lot.
This is Ayako.
by Aya December 25, 2003
1 35