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14 definitions by Aya

a famous wizard in the wizarding world who survived the most powerful wizard, Voldemort's attack on him, and has a thunderbolt-shaped scar across his forehead, and wears glasses, and has jet black-hair.
the boy who lived
by aya December 10, 2003
329 166
The way a newbie fan spells the Jpop group w-inds. name.
USER1: I LUV W-inds
USER2: Dude, its w-inds., okay. Get it fucking right.
by Aya March 03, 2005
107 35
Keita Tachibana is the lead singer of Japanese pop group w-inds.; he has a 5-7 octave range, plays around 5 instruments and is an all round sexy beast. Word.
Damn, that Keita Tachibana is one hot piece of man flesh.
by Aya February 19, 2005
81 16
a filipino song and dance made up by Bayani Agbayani
tayo'y mag otso otso, otso otso, otso otso, mag otso otso na! mag otso otso, otso otso, otso otso na!
by aya December 10, 2003
72 25
Ryohei Chiba, also known as the Dance master of Japanese pop group w-inds.; excels in the art of breakdancing, enjoys rapping and sings a damn fine solo song, if i do say so myself.

Oh yeah, hes also really cute.
Check out da master breaker, Ryohei!
by Aya February 19, 2005
42 3
a heterosexual male who has a girlfriend/fiance, dates 1 or more other women in addition to his significant other, and engages in sexual encounters both in person and online with still other women. furthermore, the man slut usually does not take proper "safe sex" precautions and will blame the females with which he engages for any std's or pregnancies which occur.
bobby, cliff, and boyd were such redneck white trash man sluts that to have sex with them and not catch something, you'd need industrial strength condoms and extra strength lysol w/bleach.
by aya April 14, 2005
140 119
The philosophy of one who is both sexy and suave. The style in which they pick up guys/girls.
Damn, that I wish I knew Keita Tachibana's Playboy Philosophy
by Aya March 02, 2005
28 10