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A place designed for band kids to practice their instruments, practice rooms are hardly ever used for their intended purpose. More often, they are used to make out, have sex, go to sleep, or even just to hang out without the band director yelling at you. ALWAYS knock on the door before entering a practice room, especially if the lights are off.
Jonathan: Hey, where'd Anna go?

Savannah: She's in the bathroom throwing up.

Jonathan: Why?

Savannah: She went into a practice room without knocking.

Jonathan: Gross.
by Stefanie T. November 12, 2011
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The place where all us band geeks go to chill, make out, and have sex during sectional practice.
Claire and Mat: *making out and taking each other's clothes off*
*director walks into the practice room*
Director: What kind of sectional is this?!

True story
by Mat_el_sexy_band_geeek March 18, 2008
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a place where people go to get it on when they are at a music school or summer program
"Are you going to the practice rooms with her? You better bring a condom, man."
by Cantstop Singing November 30, 2007
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