The most amazing girl you will ever meet.
No one can compair to Louise's awsomenesses!
by Danny Kelly September 26, 2006
Top Definition
usually means "awesome" although we just pimped it out.
That movie was made of awsomeness
by giggles4703 March 21, 2009
1.To acheive the rank awsome,and than some.
2.An online chat way of saying, "really cool" or "really Awsome"
3.A word Usually used by those who are random.
1. "Did u c that cutte jacket yesterday?"
"Ya! It waz totaly awsomeness!"

2. Nenriki-Chan: LikeZOMG! Wowz! Awsomeness!
Kama-Sama: Wat?
(Actual online chat between me and my BF)

3.Like OMG wow SQUEE glomp AWSOMENESS!!!!!!1!!1!11!
by Nenriki-Chan August 25, 2007
A slang type of word often used when extreamly bored.
Man; here have $100
Man2; Awsomeness


Man: My car is so awsomeness.
by hellpopop May 29, 2006

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