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A race car driver who speaks extremely fast and never uses commas and drives an awesome car and the new remake the speed racer cartoons suck.
Go speed racer, go speed racer, go speed racer GO!
by Cellist December 19, 2003
Way cool. "Know your onion" is a great song.
The Shins are awesome.
by Cellist December 19, 2003
Mis-spelling of awesome.
Dude, it's awesome with an e!
by Cellist December 22, 2003
Towel not included.
It's a book.
by Cellist December 23, 2003
What made me stop watching Cartoon Network. Mainly consists of Dragon Ball,
Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and lots and lots of Gundam. Oh, and sometimes other stupid anime cartoons make random appearences. Lots of little kids watch this piece of crap.
Kid 1: Wow! DBZ is awsome!
Kid 2: Hey! Giant robots!
(kid 1 & 2 begin to drool)
by Cellist December 21, 2003

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