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Users subscribed to ''InTheLittleWood'' on YouTube
He is a sapling
by Lolzorzcurry October 09, 2011
A fan of inthelittlewood also known as Martyn
Fred: What are you watching?
Bob: Inthelittlewood livestream
Fred: You're a sapling too?
by kisakisaable October 09, 2011
a small tree.
"We can't light up(TP) that house cuz all they got are a few saplings."

Dude I rocked that sapling with my car.
by b stouff May 03, 2004
A young girl, usually 16 years and younger dating a grown man usually 20+ years old.
Elisa: *Points accross the way* "Sapling!!!"
Kenny Smoov: "Damnn she bout 13 kissing that grown ass man!! That's sickening!"
by Kenny Smoov January 10, 2016

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