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When awesome and fantastic had hot sex, they created awesometastic.

((Via Prabha's world))
That guy over there is so awesometastic! He makes me happy in my panties.
by Rawr-i-fic Ray August 17, 2006
the penultimate degree of awesomeness one can be. Origin: 'awesome' + 'fantastic'. See also Swalestastic
Oh my God, was that Poison concert ever awesometastic! Now let's go and have a snack.
by Vampiro August 24, 2003
Awesometastic: something that is so fantastically awesome it blows your mind away leaving only a mind in which all you can here is the beating of the heart and no thoughts.
When that person solved that rubiks cube, it was so awesometastic it wiped my mind blanker than tundra of snow.
by marschaos2 November 13, 2009
Awesome and fantastic. Generally said as a one-word sentence.
So we're going to the club tonight? Awesometastic.
by Shirazz June 11, 2004
Awesome and Fantastic had a love child so overpoweringly great, they had to give it up and declare it state property. Meet Awesometastic.
That was just plain damned awesometastic.
by Trunks November 16, 2003
a word describing sumthin thats both awesome and fantastic, so that it enables one to have a more exciting and magical feel.
"the partey tonite is gna b sooo awesometastic, can't wait!!"
by shhhr.. March 30, 2009
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