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One of the greatest movies ever made. Widely recognized as the best in the 'Ernest' series, and one of the few movies to successfully utilize not one, but two montages in the same film. A triumph of modern cinema.
Dude, remember back in the day when we used to watch Ernest Goes to Camp like every day? Man those were good times.
by derekstellar February 07, 2005
A cookie-cutter modern rock band with mid-tempo hit songs punctuated by heavy guitars and a disgruntled guy upfront wailing about something or another in a deep, moaning vocal style.
guy 1: "Have you heard the new Nickelback?"
guy 2: "Yeah sounds like the same ur band crap they point out on the last album. All those bands should just combine into one big 'Puddle of Nickel Creed' and go jump off of a cliff together."
by derekstellar February 07, 2005
Term pioneered by April L to describe something at a level of awesomeness and fastasticosity previously indescribable
"Derek Price's rock n' roll skillz are awesometastic!"
by derekstellar February 07, 2005

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