Totally Uber and Pwning all
Jonathan, the totally cool sophmore, was known as the awesomeness over his freshie friend Courtny.
by Drei Harte September 21, 2006
a disease or ailment which is the result of one's excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or illicit drugs to help ease there problems and doingd his behavior night after night like a champ.
" Doug's life was going shitty cuz lexi doesnt like him and his girl just left him so after numerous nights he was found himself with a severe case of awesomeness."
by Anonymo September 03, 2006
Something that is awesome, consisting of or including things that are amazing.
AMD's processors are some of the most awesomeness processors in the world.
by M0zeelah!! December 30, 2003
knowing a guy that puts a smile on your face everyday!
He dances, sculpts, paints , body builds and always finds the time to keep us all smiling everyday!
Now that my friend is "AWESOMENESS"
My friend Matt is the most awesomeness person around!
by Grannylady September 19, 2016
Adjective: overwhelming feeling of appreciation.
Winning 100 million in the lottery, tax free, is awesomeness ten fold!
by Jimmy Fedd June 20, 2016
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