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A beautiful Hispanic girl with gorgeous brown eyes and dark brown hair. She can be a heart breaker because she is so easy to love and is such a great kisser! But can be hard to get! Shes a great singer and definitely wife material. She loves animals and loves to spend time with friends. Once you meet Marisela you'll wonder why you haven't meet her before! She's a girl you would love to take out and dance! She really knows how to move her feet.And she is the coolest person you'll ever meet!!!
"Wow i had fun last night at the dance!"

"You must have danced with Marisela!"
"Wata marisela!"
by kury101 June 24, 2011
A girl who is always happy and jolly. And with pretty big eyes who makes you fall hard for. She is musical talented and athletic. She stays faithful in relationships and is a great friend.
Marisela is a great friend!
by kury101 June 23, 2011
Marisela - of Irish origin obviously

broken down - mari - meaning sooooo so crazy
and sela - about Niall

Also means pretty damn beautiful crazy american girl who despite her evil ways and tons of flaws, is actually flawless...and one can't help but love her as much as one tries not to.

She's a hero to none and danger to many, a thorn in the side, okay I just lied
an example

"everyone i know is Marisela"
"don't be getting too Marisela on me"
by Nialloooooooo December 16, 2008
1. A mexican name; for a bitch.
2. Also meaning hoe, slut, back-stabber, & fatty.
3. Man stealer.
Julia: That fat slut stole my man.
Killian: Man, that bitch is such a Marisela!
by iloveturkys August 27, 2009
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