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A character in an anime or game who coughs up blood.
Takasugi is of the awesome-ness!
by Ganondorf October 20, 2003
32 23
The act of being more awesome; any act above and beyond awesome; Lexuh P.
You need a movie star to be at the same level of awesomeness that you are!
by xluorp January 04, 2010
19 13
It's when theirs this awesome dude, who can't think of a word so he used awesome-ness
What awesome-ness you have...

The awesome-ness is strong in this one..

Use the awesome-ness...

May the awesome-ness be with you..

(no I'm not a freaking STAR WARS fan, bitches)
by Samus Aran is Awesome May 28, 2005
16 13
The amount of cock sticking out of your hands after you grab it with both hands.
"How much awesomness do you have?" -Girl

"I have 1 1/2 inches of awesomeness" -Guy
by 0101100101 December 16, 2013
2 0
When an individual is so cool, they can barely handle it themselves.
Usually awesomeness is applied to people wearing suits, like Barney Stinson.
However, there are other individuals who are capable of maintaining their awesomeness level by worshipping a guy named Peter.
Bro: Dude! Suiting up is awesome!

Dude: Yeah bro, I know right? Pure awesomeness. 'Cause I'm cool like that.

Chuck Norris: Awesomeness Personified
by giorgakis October 23, 2011
1 0
new apt + beautiful peeps + alc + yummy eats + sweet tunes + sexy board games
Dude, I went to this apartment party and it was complete and utter awesomeness!
by jeiber September 08, 2010
5 4
defines an action that is great
"were going to disney" "awesomeness"
by world dominator January 19, 2009
14 13