In a magazine article, Avril proclaimed, "I don't write 'Oh-baby-baby' songs". And what about Losing Grip. "Are you aware of what you make me feel, baby" oh what a contradictor. Avril means

A - Avril
V - Virginity
R - Recently
I - Is
L - Lost

^ because she fucked a lot, and brainwashes the world with her nonsense attitude that should be burnt in a basin of Hellfire (aka Eternal Damnation). May whoever who creates this puppet blesses its soul.. um it doesn't have one in the first place
Anna: Hi I recently "Avril"
John: What are you talking about?
Anna: Anna Virginity Recently Is Lost
John: My bad!

See also fake, get a life, originality please and fake oh yeah posuer so French :)
by Believe in Me April 05, 2004
1. A whore who thinks shes punk because she bought a hurley sweatshirt and a pair of chucks when in reality, she's EXACTLY like the fucks shes protesting against (i.e. wannabe punks)
2. One who cannot sing/skate to save her life
3. One who must die
4. A name for one such person
Ashley: I got the new Avril cd!
Diana: Shut the fuck up you god damn wannabe pussy! *beats Ashley with a nail-studded bat*

Singing Judge: You're almost as pathetic as Avril.
by Skivvy March 24, 2004
1.A person who changes their answer to suit the masses 2.A french word that means april but can be used to describe a hypocrite as well. 3.A person who lies to win people's friendship or approval.
as an adjective; That person is an avril. When used as a noun; i hate avrils.
by Samey August 09, 2005
A 'singer' who only ever wears clothes from Hot Topic and claims it's punk and spends all of her time singing about how much her life sucks.
'Hey, it's the new Avril Lavigne album. Even more songs about hating men. It must be punk, because we say it is!'
by Evil Twin January 14, 2005
A fuckin liar comes an avril
by alejandra January 01, 2004
A pop-punk singer created by a record company to make themselves millions. Although hated by the majority of people with a brain (and those who like to think they posess such a thing), they succeeded in their mission.
Often hated by people who like to put themselves on a peddlestool and exclaim that they know "the true meaning of punk!"
Also french for April.
"Wow, She's mass-produced, and because I'm a struggling muscisian, that means I am so much better than her!"
"'Now class, what is the french word for April?'
the worst "musician" in the world, and I use that term lightly. No matter what your tatse in music, we can all pretty much agree that avril sucks dick
-I love avril so much cause im a free spirit
-Oh I have a free spirit too. Lemme find it and stick it up your ass you fucking cocksucker.
by tintle December 06, 2003

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