okay....here it goes...i dont even know what im going 2 say about avril....but i just wanna voice my opinion...okay: i dress alot like avril except 4 the tie-thingy...okay once i wore a tie somewhere and kids and parents were like ...''why the heck are u wearing a tie''...i was like'' my grrrreat idol avril does'' psssh...noone cares about ties..and i realized that trying 2 be like her wasnt working...i still dress the way she does ,but not because of her...okay her are the trues and the not trues..... 1. avril is a poser..-true. 2. avril sings like....uh...sh!t.- true. 3. avril lies about her fans and her life- true..4.avril claims to be ''punk'' and that she wouldnt be caught in a belly shirt- lie! she wore one...i have a picture of it. 5. avril does set a role model theme for many young girls - true...poor kids. 6 avril was seen drunk and making out with a friend or the same sex- TRUE!!! 7.avril dropped out of school in high school and never finished ..''tisk tisk tisk'' never graduated---TRUE ONce again! . ...a role model huh..? u wanna be her role model now? ....but there are ''some''(like one..haha) positive thing(s) about avril ...1. she is from canada!!! yay ! canada...rock on..(i am 1/2 canadian)...and the other thing is she dresses sortof ''good'' for being a pozer..-...sadly true......lets just admit it avril suxx...but never fear avril ...u can always look in the mirror....that is her only friend...if the mirror wont ...break.
(avril shouldnt be making millions..to spend on her black nail polish(i have worn it ),converses (yes they are cool),and other ''garb''she might don.
by avril lavigne September 09, 2005
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