a record company's puppet.
wannabe punk girl: have you heard the new good charlotte CD?

sane person: ha. theyre so avril. shouldnt even have bought that crap.
by liveHxCdieHxC August 07, 2004
Yet another lucky talentless girl who got marketed to a specific market and is now reaping the benefits of fame and fortune.
Big Cheese: So guys, any idea who whe should suck all the money out of?

Johnson: Well, punk looks in, maybe we shuold sucker all those little girls who are trying to be rebels into buying some insipid records.

Big Cheese: I like the cut of your jib, Johnson! Now go out there and find me someone to make us more money, my new cottage in the alps needs a pool.
by mrpopenfresh August 26, 2005
A stupid idiot who thought she was punx. Now she thinks she's gawth. As nearly everyone over 13 knows, she is neither!
OMG, I'm zoOoOoOo gawthix coz I listen to Avril!
*sarcastically* OMG, I'm soooooo preppy coz I listen to Nightwish! *laughs* Avril's a goth just as much as Mandy Moore!
by Hayley April 08, 2005
"...a skater *punk* who writes guitar driven rock." (driven into a wall)

noise for 12-year olds who want to be "different and unique"
Skye Sweetnam (another Avril) she's just as "talented"
by cate June 22, 2004
1) Something that makes your head hurt
2) An insult
3) Someone who switches from prep to 'punk' in less than a year
4) Something that raises the suicide rate among intelligent people
1) That Avril was singing so horribly that I had to pop an Advil!
2) Shut up, you Avril!
3) Avril used to be a country girl, but I think she was paid off.
4) The leading cause of illiteracy and suicide will soon be Avril.
by Almiria April 07, 2004
a girl in a band that can sing, besides the fact that her songs r only ok. shes called herself "punk" and a "rock chick", but when it boils down 2 it she is jst a girl in a band that can sing, and that plays songs that r only ok. i wouldnt call her a poser cuz if she really was then how did she get so popular? but she does kinda suck. another thing, dont take it out on the canadians, i know 2 really cool ppl from canada (im not sayin theyre all cool) but dont dis them all. and for the last thing, she didnt ruin rock music, cuz i still listen 2 it and probly tons and tons of other ppl do 2, not that her music is gr8
avril's album is let go (wth, is she like depressed or sumthin?)
by chain March 08, 2004
1) A bitch poser.
2) The newest Popstar
3) A singer and/or band that disses their own fans
Jane: Oh, I am sooo nice and sweet!
John: Can you please pass me the sugar?
Jane: Fuck no! Get it yourself!

Jinny: And here on our show today is Chloe, the newest popstar!
Chloe: Hello, everyone!

Kate: Can you sign my notebook? I reeeeealy love you guys!
Joyce: Me too!
Kathlin: No, because you are preps and we are NOT here for the preps!
Sarah: Exactly, preps!
by Amanda S. June 26, 2005

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