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An expression of agreement. Can be used in place of 'indeed.' Can also be used sarcastically to get someone to stop fucking talking to you about frivolous things.

syn: you said it.
Rhonda: Juan, it's pretty cold outside today.
Juan: And how!

Erin: ...so I told her to shut the hell up because she was being a whore. I mean who tries anal with her boyfriend and then tells the entire cheer squad about it? I swear, Kelly is so totally gay...
Franklin (clearly annoyed): AND HOW!
by Skivvy March 24, 2004
1. A whore who thinks shes punk because she bought a hurley sweatshirt and a pair of chucks when in reality, she's EXACTLY like the fucks shes protesting against (i.e. wannabe punks)
2. One who cannot sing/skate to save her life
3. One who must die
4. A name for one such person
Ashley: I got the new Avril cd!
Diana: Shut the fuck up you god damn wannabe pussy! *beats Ashley with a nail-studded bat*

Singing Judge: You're almost as pathetic as Avril.
by Skivvy March 24, 2004

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