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Is Viktor Vaughn, is Zev Love X, is one hell of a rapper. Metal Face Doom Started out in KMD with his brother deejaying. Zev was a very promising and hip rapper at the time well on his way to stardom, but when his brother died he never quite recovered.

This important moment in his life marked a dramatic change in Zev's style. Since then he has been a very notable member of the underground and has recently started to climb up the popularity ladder. Hisslow and steady flow coupled with his masterful lyric writing make him an original and fresh rapper in the game today. I'd even go as far as saying that his brothers death is what makes MF Doom such an interesting and unforgettable fellow. His Work with MadLib and Gorillaz is quite excellent. Also check out his many collaboration with folks from def jux and Stones Throw.
Listen to MF Doom rap in KMD'S Peachfuzz, then listen to some of his more recent work.
by mrpopenfresh August 26, 2005
Quite possibly the best political satire ever written. This, of course, comes from the genius that is George orwell who has also written the master.piece 1984
Basically, this is the russian revolution but with farm animals.
everythings in it; Stalin (Napoleon in the book) Propaganda (Squealer), Trotsky (Snowball) as well as a number of other people and groups of people who are represented by animals, humans and objects.
The symbolism in this book is great. If your know a minimal amount about Russia in those days, then you'll love how this book makes it easy to understand.
In fact, this book is so good that its still on the top 50 list for top sellers. Also, it is a good read for children as well as intelligent adults.

Now, go read it! Its about a 100 pages so it won't take up all your time.
All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
by mrpopenfresh April 23, 2004
Gorillaz is a SUPERGROUP, not just another random band. That means it is made up of distinguished artists and musicians that all have great careers and excellent reputations. The group is made up of artists from very different backgounds. Russell is Oakland rapper Del Tha Funkee homosapien who really is a tad geeky, but kicks major ass as an emcee. 2-D and Murdoc are both members of Blur. Last but not least Noodles is played by the lead singer of Cibbo Matto. The first album was produced by Dan the Automator who also produced Deltron 3030. Listen to "Time Keeps On Slipping" by deltron, you might notice a very similar style to the Gorillaz, right down to Damon Alabrns crooning and harmonica.

Lately the Gorillaz have made a combeack with the single "Feel Good Inc.". Their new album will be produced by Danger Mouse (of grey album fame) and rumor has it that del isn't on it, seeing how De La Soul has been doing the rapping on Feel Good Inc.
The animation is a gimmick, but the music is great no matter what. Groundbreaking stuff.
by mrpopenfresh April 18, 2005
Mos Def is many things. In everyday lingo, Mos def is an abbreviation that can mean "Most definitely"(1) wich originated from the ghetto but like every other gansta term has evolved inti something widely used by young and filthy rcih white kids.

Mos Def in the music and film industry is the pseudonym of Dante Smith(2). Quasi legendary emcee who's soulfoul approach to hip hop and unique style has made him one of hip hops heavy hitters. He and Talib Kweli are known to collaborate alot, even making Black Star. Mos Def is also a pretty good actor who appeared in the remake of "The Italian Job" and the still in production "The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy".

Last a probably least, Mos Def is a brand of urban clothing(3). Most of they're stuff is pretty basic, but pretty cool. Hell, I'd pay for a sweatshirt that says "Mos Def"

Last and probably least,
1-Crack Peddler: "HEY BITCH! You wanna suck my cock for a crack rock?"
Crack Whore:"Mos def!"

2-Man Mos Def is ill, but he was really pushing his luck with his newest album.

3-Guy 1:Hey look, is that a "Mos Def" brand sweatshirt?

Guy 2: *Looking at sweatshirt clearly labeled "MOS DEF"* man, you're lucky I dont have my trusty 2 by four to beat yo ass.
by mrpopenfresh March 05, 2005
Land who is birthplace to the best food in the world; perogies. Unfortunately, it does have some quite disgusting national delicacies, like headcheese.
Mmmmmmmmm, I love these cheese and potato filled dough balls!
by mrpopenfresh April 23, 2004
Quite possibly the single most funniest synonim for female genitalia. usually dosen't get picked up by those pesky curse word blockers you find on the net. Also just damm funny to say.
HA! Thats a nice quim you got there!
by mrpopenfresh February 27, 2005
Deltron 3030 is a concept album made up of producer Dan the Automator,dj Kid Koala and last but certainly not least emcee Del Tha Funkee Homosapien.

The story revolves around Deltron Zero (Del's futuristic Alter Ego) in the year, you guessed it! 3030. Along with his two sidekicks, the cantakerous Captain Aptos (Dan the automator) and Skiznod the boy wonder (of course Kid Koala) he goes along battle rapping his ennemies. The album also includes the appearance of Damon Albarn to get the plto rolling. Some of you may notice the link to the Automators and Del's other project Gorillaz.

All your rhyme histories combined
Couldn't violate the prime optimus operative
Use my hydrometer to see how warm you are
Watch me form a star
Hydrogen turned to helium when I shine
Riding 'em revealing 'em leading 'em to the vaccume
Interact with tunes in my digital sinital critical pivital with
the mental
by mrpopenfresh April 18, 2005
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