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When standing in front of a urinal (or a regular toilet for the private types), you release your hand(s) from your johnson in the middle of peeing, leaving it free to guide the urine to its final destination without assistance.

Commonly activated whilst texting, or more rarely, when reading.
Once his pee-stream was safely pointed in the right direction, Ignacius disengaged his hand and entered autopilot mode.
by ttelfihs nehpets August 23, 2011
An extremely high level of drunkeness only achievable through years of alcohol abuse. The individual in autopilot will likely do the following:
Insult you
Hit on you
Scream curse words and racial slurs
Just plain scream
Vomit in hard to clean locations
Lose bowel and bladder control
Question your sexuality
Question their own sexuality

Sleep with sea monsters
Become a legend
Dudes. Jake was So far in autopilot last night! He tongue punched Michelle's nasty fart box after Ian J.O.ed into a rubber and put it in his ass. He also vomited in his underwear while he was wearing them! He doesn't even know it either!
by Buckassmurdoch August 23, 2013
The lovely ability to pee and use both of your hands simultaneously to do other things (applicable to both male and females.)

E.g. Reading the paper,talking on the phone, playing Temple Run.
Playing a game that requires both of ones hands whilst peeing? I'll just put it on Autopilot
by MonkeyMan91 February 03, 2012
when someone is preoccupied with the things that they are doing that they will obey any given order
During hari raya my aunt shake hands with her son when she is about to leave not realising she dont have to. She's on auto pilot.
by hsgayt August 31, 2011
To males, the act of urinating without the directional assistance provided by the hands.
I was too busy texting Sally to pee, so I went on autopilot in the bathroom
by themanslut23 July 26, 2009
A term used by IT pros to describe running a prolonged, automated task on a computer that doesn't need their attention, such as a virus scan, installer program or a disk defragmentation.
"I just started the defragger on that system, so it's on autopilot for a couple of hours."
by RedHelix May 17, 2012
When you have regular homework to do and you have no distractions so you can work for hours straight and not even realize how long you've been doing work because your brain is on auto pilot.
"My school is so hard. So much work. But this weekend I was on auto pilot so I finished my work without even thinking about it."
by Ima Goodstudent March 11, 2012
The moment where your body takes over during sexual intercourse and you cannot stop thrusting.
I was banging some sloot last night without a condom. I wanted to pull out but I was on auto pilot... I hope I'm having a boy.
by Sam the gayboy Mahags February 26, 2011