When one does so many all nighters without sleep one seems to randomly say stupid shit and do random things unkown to him/her
Biff:Hey i like sand cats Friend 1:that dude is on fuckin autopilot.
by 8 Bit Abe November 03, 2008
When you have been on a night out boozing and wake-up with absolutely no recollection of the previous night's events.
"Hey dude, You must have been on Auto-pilot with the shit you said last night"

"Yea, i was there but wasn't manning the controls mate!"
by StevoLondon May 04, 2010
The unintentional act of someone falling asleep while giving a BJ and yet still continuing with said BJ while still doing normal functions of the activities
So i was getting a BJ and this girl was on autopilot
by Metal Man XXX core August 08, 2008
to drive home extremely intoxicated and have no recolection in the morning of the ride.
i don't recall how i got home last night but the car is in the driveway.
by TiC_ToK September 27, 2004
Going through the motions,with out actually awareness
As if on autopilot , he kissed her goodbye as always.
by nineavedon February 04, 2011
a person completely controlled by society who will never stop once in their life and realize how utterly worthless their existence is.
anyone who adds a definition on urban dictionary after there is already 5 definitions.
by daequan October 30, 2003
When some one is so drunk that they are a ass clown and ignorant. Then they wake up and don't remember any thing! Also known as pulling a Josh!
Josh got so drunk last night that he went on auto pilot and called all the grils bitche$.
by Joshua December 29, 2003
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