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a womans menstral period!
Aunt flo's in town! so I may go get my red wings
by mooseknuckles October 25, 2002
A female's monthly period.
I'm bummed because Aunt Flo arrived last night.
#period #pad #tampon #available #unavailable
by SAgent September 30, 2005
a woman's menstrual period
Don't mind her. She's just mad because Aunt Flo is here and she's out of pads.
#period #monthly #red tide #flow #flo
by Light Joker December 28, 2005
when you about to screw your wife or girl and then she gets her period, DOH.
Sorry honey I know your dick is hard and my pussy wet but Aunt Flo is here now and we cant do that when she here
by daywalkz23 October 27, 2015
Cartman's aunt who visits his mom every month. She has perkinsons disease.
I hate when aunt flo comes
#period #aunt #blood #menstrual cycle #cartman #south park
by carly cline December 25, 2005
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