Anal Trading League. Sponsored by Haribo, and they finger thier mums.
Fuckin' ell bei, lets goo beet up sum poikees marn ye fuckin gee marn int yer! ATL mete!
by ATL Hater March 28, 2004
Top Definition
Kevin's definition is spot on. Just add bike thieving, egg-throwing and sexual abuse of minors to the list.
atl crew are a bunch of nonces
by Jack de man February 17, 2004
Gay, sophisticated boulevardiers club in Norwich UK devoted to patronising the ballet, flower-arranging and writing poetry.
ATL crew are the reincarnation of the aesthetic movement.
by V1 DMS July 01, 2004
bunch of minging mummy's boys, amateur toerags, snouts and nonces who ponce around Norwich and think they're hard because some of them have drugs and paedophilia convictions.
ATL crew make me spew
by Kevin 41Camb July 01, 2004
Name taken apparently from some early 90's hiphop group - "ABOVE THE LAW CREW" are a gang of 40 or so drug raved townie thugs who go around NORWICH scrawling ATL Crew on random buildings and walls and go around mugging random people including old grand mothers.
Norwich bad boys
by Alex October 26, 2003

They're a bunch of nice boys who show their affection by drawing attention to people's faults. They tuck one trouser leg into their sock and walk like their balls are the size of oranges. Their minor acts of vandalism, and general acts of 'shit-head-ism' give them a sense of purpose.
Wot d fukk ur u lukin' at yoo pikee, we's aboth the lorw, n I fooking take yoo down
by Purple April 19, 2004
Alarmingly large group of degenerate bastards that THINK they are hard but in fact they are a large group of fucking retards.
one named GENTIENT or some shit like that, is a paticular fuck-head, have him killed.
Those ATL twats need to be killed.

by steve-dave September 23, 2004
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