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They're a bunch of nice boys who show their affection by drawing attention to people's faults. They tuck one trouser leg into their sock and walk like their balls are the size of oranges. Their minor acts of vandalism, and general acts of 'shit-head-ism' give them a sense of purpose.
Wot d fukk ur u lukin' at yoo pikee, we's aboth the lorw, n I fooking take yoo down
by Purple April 19, 2004
Drinking a diluted beverage ie Hi Juice which has been made to a very weak and watery standard.
This Hi Juice is Brackish!
by Purple June 27, 2003
Digital Prostate Massage

Inserting one's finger into the anus to massage the prostate gland.
She gave me a great DPM.
by Purple January 15, 2005

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