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In Greek it means Immortal. In Australia it means one who has eternal life...which basically means this dude is very wise and young at heart though he is also very old.
Athan is a wise soul who may be old but very young at heart.
by 83italianman January 15, 2015
Something you can end to the end of anybody's single syllable name to make it better.
Timothan, Georgeathan, Bobathan, Janeathan.

You see where I'm going with this
by NerdandHost December 30, 2012
A creature free of sex. That enjoys sex, guitars, showers, planes and skinny jeans.
"What is that...?"
"Could it be.. a plane?"
"A... bird?"
"Nono, silly children. That. Is an Athan."
by Rae~ October 21, 2008
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