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A pretty, smart girl. She mostly gets A's. She's very funny and cute. Sometimes blonde. She's nice. She usually zones out...
Woah dude. That girl's a total Brynna.
by im.awesomee. December 13, 2010
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Brynnas tend to have an appearance that makes them look similar to a baby seal. They are very funny and sometimes spacey in public. In public settings they act very shy but in private they are crazy. Brynnas are very stunning and all the boys love them.
Did you see that girl, She's perfect?

Awwww that seal is such a brynna
by Knowitall7373 December 12, 2013
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Brynna is a girls name, this girl is beautiful funny smart a little crazy but lovable. They tend to speak their minds especially when they know they're posing you off. They also tend to be party animals loving anything with a loud beat and a alcoholic taste. Be careful not to piss one off though cause they can get violent
Guy 1: I meet a girl she's amazing!

Guy 2: What's her name?
Guy 1: Brynna

Guy 2: be careful man that chick must be crazy!
by CountryGirl14 January 01, 2015
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A beautiful, paragon of women: smart, sweet, funny, tons of pretty friends, great fashion sense, and general ease of association who will always turn out to be a lesbian at the last possible minute. In other words, a Brenna who you'll never stand a chance with.
Don't bother man, she's a Brynna.
by Jacobi K. August 11, 2011
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brianna someone who often has a blank stare on its face, usually a creature found in a gym, if they are asked a question, they are most likely to say "nuhhh"...
"Dude- watch out for that Brynna by the weight machine-I think it bites..."
by Tweety92_14 October 05, 2008
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hooker. someone who stands at the street corner waiting for fat men to come along so she can play with their chest hair or back hair.
"i pay lots of money for that brynna."
"that brynna knows how to rub my hairs."
by beckhamsmybitch August 18, 2008
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