toilet paper
by Anonymous April 23, 2003
Shit residue.
After brushing one's anal region with absorbant paper tissue, the semi-liquid matter that appears to form a brush or perhaps a feather-like pattern. It is quickly examined, rated and disposed.
by vince February 26, 2004
used to say something is to describe teachers and spacky chavs
omg! french in such an ass wipe
by fish pie June 17, 2005
A person that wipes his ass.
example, jeffcongo he is an asswipe.
by jeffcongo October 29, 2004
1. A slang, vulgar term referring to toilet paper.
I can't take a crap without using some asswipe.
by star8706 February 01, 2003
a numbnutted moron who needs more than roll to finish the job
sally the numbnut took 2 rolls to to wipe her fat ass
by r s March 21, 2004
some idot mother fucker
the fuzz is just a hole shitload of asswhipes
by Way fucking Dope March 19, 2005

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