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The look on somebody's face that let's you know that they are upset with something you've said or done, that they are in fact - "booty hurt".
Why do I have to get your bootyface every time I ask you to leave?
by Yomofodaddy January 23, 2009
the face a guy makes when it occurs to him that he is about to score some booty by the end of the night. one of the cuter faces a guy makes.
1: why does Guy look so exited?

2: that's his booty face. he's getting with Lucy tonight.

1: nice...
by crustgrrrl April 05, 2009
Someone who is annoying or is acting rude or stupid.
Why do you have to be such a bootyface all the time?
by sizzle gurl August 06, 2009
someone who has enormously chubby cheeks
my girlfriend erin has a bootyface
by guy4321 September 06, 2008
Having no facial hair at all; clean shaven. Not a recommended look for people with big lips.
Ray got a bootyface ever since he shaved his goatee.
by Dman December 04, 2003