Pronounced: ass-weep-pay

An honorary title given to a member of a group of friends (or tribe) who has most recently hurled in the presence of those friends. As another member of the tribe becomes asswipe, the title passes, and the previous person loses the title. Only applies when technicolor yawn is caused by over indulgence in consumption of food, alcohol, or recreational drugs -- not by sickness or other factors.

Often used to draw attention to and discourage bad behavior, and to penalize lack of self-control through peer humiliation.

Don asswipe: A permanent title for someone who assumes the asswipe title three times.

Origin: pennsic
Jaron became asswipe again last night! His puke was everywhere.

Ugg .. I'm stuffed .. if I eat another hobo pie, I'm going to be asswipe tomorrow for sure.

I see you are passing time with the green fairy, do you want to become asswipe again?
by MarcusNine August 23, 2008
The couple on "Saturday Night Live" who could not think of a name for their child.
"Package delivery for Mr. Asswipe." "NO! It's Ass-weep-ay"
by ToxicCherry August 29, 2003
Name of a person who (usually) has head inserted in ass. A dumbass.
I wish that asswipe would learn how to drive.

PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS! You f*cking asswipe!
by osama bin jimmy July 19, 2006
1. toilet paper

2. a worthless or annoying person
I can't believe were out of ass-wipe.
by Light Joker November 26, 2006
A person who nobody likes who is either very annoying or is extremely rude.
A.W. -- Watch where you're going, bitch! I'm walking here!

You -- Maybe if you didn't take up the whole sidewalk, asswipe!
by blahhhtastic August 25, 2008
A male who thinks very highly of himself and alternates through many girls in his town. Often has nice swag, spiked hair, parasuco tees, wear white belts and VERY attractive. They are also well known for standing girls up, once they have you for a week, they get bored move on never talk to you again and don't talk to you for a good month and a half.
"he is soooooooooooo fucking hot, but such an asswipe'
by foreignfantasy111111 May 04, 2011
Pertaining to the word of a piece of toilet paper, this is used executively as an insult constantly in North America. The word uses the defenition of mostly the immatury of others.
"Your a total Asswipe dude"
"Dude, i filled a giant asswipe yesterday!"
by Cody Hesse January 25, 2009

When this word was coined in 1984 this is what it meant. It never meant anything about someone's ass or some piece of tool to clean it with.
Get out of here asswipe !
by clickhere July 18, 2006

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