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to get sexual gratification through self-stimulation through the anus
Charlie Fehring assturbates on a daily basis.
by Charlie Fehring February 04, 2003
To finger the asshole
Susie likes to assturbate, you know, finger her asshole
by David Ware May 12, 2004
masturbating in your ass, or to sodomize yourself
"I'm going to assturbate with a dildo"
by Seth and Sam July 11, 2009
Inserting an object up your butt while wanking
Being extra horny, I began to assturbate
by cat litter boy March 25, 2014
To use a butt to masturbate one's penis.
I never care about the face or the body. I just grab the hips and use that ass to assturbate my cock.
by Fkrtist September 03, 2013
1. to clean the inside of your ass, usually before mooning, i.e. checing for toilet paper, etc
2. to play with your ass, like masturbating, but with anal sex
3. to touch the inside of someone else's ass
1. "dude, assturbate before you moon them, you dont know whats in there."
2. "you shouldn't assturbate, it maks the inside of your ass all itchy!"
3. "she groaned loudly as I assturbated her"
by baruchuh November 02, 2006
To bring oneself to orgasm by various acts of anal-simulation.
Vanilla masturbation doesn't work for me anymore, now the only way I can cum is if I assturbate.
by Tenshin_ April 07, 2016
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