A person who is such a colosal ass-hole, its nearly mythical.
Person 1. On the way over here this dick cut me off, almost caused a wreck, and had the nerve to flip me off!

Person 2. Sounds like a real assquatch
by Marky-c January 01, 2013
Top Definition
An unusually hairy fellow; usually pertaining to his beard.
Goddamn that Ron Inkleman's an assquatch!
by Ron Inkleman March 18, 2008
A person, typically male, who has more hair on his ass than on his head. An assquatch can also be a person with an unusually hairy ass.
Cover your butt you freakin assquatch.
by Hollywood Texas January 22, 2010
The name of the hairy wad the ends up between your butt cheeks when you wash your hair in the shower.
Ladies...do you ever get that annoying wad of hair between your butt cheeks when you wash your hair in the shower? Its name is assquatch. It is very frightening.
by adabrid August 15, 2013
A really hairy ass.
Guy 1: Hey, what did you get up to yesterday?

Guy 2: Oh, I went to the pool, and in the change room, I saw a really fat, hairy old man taking his trunks off and he had a fucking ASSQUATCH!.
by akendall October 05, 2009
when a friend is being a big hairy dumb ass.
aka dumbass mixed with sasquatch
dude i was gonna use that couch money for some beer and you spent it on laundry? way to be an assquatch
by iequalgenius January 31, 2011
When a girl posseses a hairy behind.
Hey Alex, what happened to that girl you were with last night?"; "Idk man she disappeared... I took her home and this morning I woke up laying next to an Assquatch.
by Giggity52 November 20, 2010
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